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List of Community Achievements

Following the Rural Charrette for our area,
  • Two vehicle activated speed signs have been provided to warn drivers exceeding the speed limit and improved road markings have been laid down.
  • Acoustic panels have been installed in the Millennium Hall and have greatly improved the sound quality.
  • Office equipment was provided for the Millennium Hall.

A new postbox has been installed on Post Box Road rather than on Coupar Angus Road, Birkhill.

Contributed to a Success for Sidlaw Newsletter.

Plants have been put into the planters at the Liff notice board.

Upgrade to Clinkerheel Park, Birkhill

¨         Pavement / pedestrian protection posts at shops in Muirhead

¨         Additional bus service to Piperdam

¨         Recreation park in Birkhill recognised as a Field in Trust

¨         Village signs for Flocklones

¨         Signage to direct people to Piperdam

¨         Notice-board in Liff

¨         Waste bins in Piperdam

¨         Improving safety for children travelling to Birkhill Primary School

¨         Improving school bus collection and drop off for Piperdam pupils


Upgrade access to Clinkerheel Park from Quarry Rd. / Young Ave.

List of General Achievements

¨         Canvassing Angus Council on road maintenance and achieving repairs and replacement fencing to stretches of the A923 between Muirhead and Piperdam

¨         Assisting Angus Council in the provision of Mobile Library and Access services to the community

¨         Setting up a Facebook page to assist in communication with residents

¨         Canvassing for the protection of local playing fields with the ‘Fields in Trust’ organisation and Angus Council

¨         Liaison with the Community Police officer in local matters

¨         Setting up a web site for the Community Council

Signs at Flocklones

Signs at Flocklones