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Published below are  minutes of our meetings that have been approved at the Community Council meetings.

We can only publish these minutes as ‘Approved’ once they have been read and agreed by all Councillors present at the following month’s meeting, i.e., February minutes are agreed at April's meeting, April minutes are approved at June's meeting and so on.

The next planned meeting is the inaugural meeting of the new Community Council on Thursday 13th October at 7.30pm in the Millennium Hall. All members of the public are welcome to attend. 

Approved March 2024

Approved January 2024

Approved November 2023

Approved September 2023 Minutes

Approved July 2023 Minutes

Approved May 2023 Minutes

Approved March 2023 Minutes

Approved January 2023 Minutes

Approved August 2022 Minutes

Approved June 2022 Minutes

Approved April 2022 Minutes

Approved February 2022 Minutes

Approved December 2021 Minutes

Approved October 2021 Minutes

Approved September 2021 AGM

Approved September 2021 Minutes

Approved July / August 2021 Minutes

Approved June 2021 Minutes

Approved April 2021 Minutes

Approved February 2021 Minutes

Approved December 2020 Minutes

Approved October 2020 Minutes

Approved September 2020 AGM

Approved August 2020 Minutes

Approved February 2020 Minutes

Approved December 2019 Minutes

Approved September 2019 Minutes

Approved August 2019 Minutes

Approved June 2019 Minutes

Approved April 2019 Minutes

Approved February 2019 Minutes

Approved December 2018 Minutes

Approved November 2018 Minutes

No Meeting in October 2018 as this was inaugural meeting of new Community Council following recent elections.

Approved September 2018 Minutes

Approved July 2018 Minutes

Approved June 2018 Minutes

Approved May 2018 Minutes

Approved April 2018 Minutes

Approved March 2018 Minutes

Approved February 2018 Minutes

Approved December 2017 Minutes

Approved November 2017 Minutes

Approved October 2017 Minute

Approved September 2017 Minute

Approved July 2017 Minute

Approved June 2017 Minute

No meeting May 2017 due to Local Government elections.

Approved April 2017 Minute

Approved March 2017 Minute

Approved February 2017 Minute

Approved December 2016 Minute

Approved November 2016 Minute

Approved October 2016 Minute

Approved AGM Minute 1st September 2016

Approved September 2016 Minute

Approved July 2016 Minute

Approved June 2016 Minute

No meeting May 2016 due to Scottish Government elections.

Approved April 2016 Minute

Approved March 2016 Minute

Approved February 2016 Minute

Approved December 2015 Minute

Approved November 2015 Minute

No meeting October 2015 due to Community Council elections.

Approved AGM Minute 3rd September 2015

Approved September 2015 Minute

Approved July 2015 Minute

Approved June 2015 Minute

Approved May 2015 Minute

Approved April 2015 Minute

Approved March 2015 Minute

Approved February 2015 Minute

Approved December 2014 Minute

Approved November 2014 Minute

Approved October 2014 Minute

Approved September 2014 Minute

Approved July 2014 Minute

Approved June 2014 Minute

Approved May2014 Minute

Approved April 2014 Minute

Approved Minute AGM 6th March 2014

Approved February 2014 Minute

Approved December 2013 Minute

Approved November 2013 Minute

Approved October 2013 Minute

Approved September 2013 Minute

Approved July 2013 Minute

Approved June 2013 Minute

Approved May 2013 Minute

Approved April 2013 Minute

Approved March 2013 Minute

Approved Minute AGM 7th February 2013

Approved February 2013 Minute

Approved December 2012 Minute

Approved November 2012 Minute

Approved October 2012 Minute